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   Oct 09

The Delta Grandeur & The Arboretum Grandeur Exhibits

“Arboretum Grandeur” Sat. and Sun. 12pm to 4pm, Nov. 8th – Dec. 20th


“Delta Grandeur” Sat. and Sun. 12pm to 4pm, Oct. 18th – Dec. 6th

Delta Grandeur


deltaSnowGeeseSnow geese fly over Twitchell Island, which is partially owned by California Department of Water Resources. This site is being used for subsidence research.
deltaTractorDigging an irrigation canal unearths a treasure trove of goodies that many species of Delta birds find tasty on Lower Jones Tract. deltaOHarveyBanksPlantThe C.W. ‘Bill’ Jones Pumping Plant raises water from the Delta 197 feet to the Delta-Mendota Canal which runs parallel to the California Aqueduct for most of its 117 miles.

   Oct 08

Things that go BUMP in the Night

Things that go BUMP in the Night100_1130 (1)
What spooky stories is the witch brewing in her cauldron? Let the South Coast Storytellers thrill you with an evening of deliciously terrible tales. The performance will be on October 30th at 7:00 p.m. in the office building of the Fullerton Arboretum, 1900 North Associated Road, Fullerton. The program is only for the bold and and daring. Admission at the door: Adults $10; Students 8-16 $7. For further information calll (714) 904-6387

   Sep 23

Total Lunar Eclipse Viewing

On September 27, 2015 the moon will enter a phase called the supermoon lunar eclipse, whereby it appears 14 percent larger and emits a red color.

The Fullerton Arboretum will have a special viewing complete with telescopes and a planetarium this Sunday, September 27th, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.  The eclipse takes place at 7:40pm.

Check out the Total Lunar Eclipse Viewing here!

lunar eclipse viewing supermoon

Nasa has released a video explaining this upcoming cosmic display that has only happened four times in the last century.


Viewing info

   Aug 07

Celebrate the Rainbow of Beer at Brews and Blues

Celebrate the Rainbow of Beer at

Brews and Blues,

Saturday, Aug. 22nd!

Celebrate the Rainbow of Beer at Brews and Blues

We will be offering unlimited “tastes” from breweries such as Bootleggers, Anaheim, Dale Bros., Ace Cider, Alosta, Drakes and more!

Brews and Blues


   Aug 05

‘Myth and Lore of Wolves’

An exclusive Howl-o-ween presentation!

Tuesday, October 27th at 6 PM

an exclusive Howl-o-ween presentation!

Wolves are woven within the stories of many cultures across the globe. Come learn of legendary lupines such as Fenrir, Asena, Sirius, and even creatures such as Skinwalkers and Werewolves. From the creation of the first people to the impending rise of Ragnarok, wolves have been a keystone which have helped rewrite our perceptions of the world and reshaped the environment. Join the Ambassador Wolves of Project Wildsong for an exciting evening centered around the ‘Myth and Lore of Wolves.’

Register for ‘Myth and Lore of Wolves’